About Us

Wherever there is an Ollie there is a green tennis ball.

Greetings from the frozen boon docks of north central North Dakota.  I look forward to documenting my Mondays with Oliver, the youngest of two of my golden retrievers.

I’m told I have an off beat style of living. My co-workers make no secret that apparently I am a bit north of normal. I, however believe I am totally normal if not just shy of crazy and possibly neurotic.

So let me introduce myself!

I’m George. I live near the Canadian border. I’m an introvert, a mother, a wife, a daughter and I’m bored in mid life. I live on a third generation homestead with two lovely golden retrievers and two rather cranky persian cats. I dabble in jewelry making, needle work, gardening, cooking and anything else that catches my fancy from moment to moment.

I work outside the home in a non descript government post while dreaming of owning a gourmet foods shop, metal smith jewelry shop or ferments business. I dabble but never quite get my poop in a group because like 90 percent of the population I’m far from perfect and well let’s face it- Life gets in the way.

So stick around for the ride. You’ll find recipes, random dog pics, hikes, gardening ideas, insights into what I’m reading, thinking and eating or creating. All without any preoccupations of perfectionism.