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Tuesday is the new Monday


So my life is a train speeding out of control latelyHow is yours? I have so much on my plate right now, so many irons in the fire, yet as my normal self does, I managed to fritter away my Monday.  Monday is the day I have to myself.  Its a day I either make it happen or its a day I wander aimlessly with my dogs and be grateful that I have the ability to be aimless for just one day a week.

Well yesterday was a day I should have been making things happen but instead I  img_5179wandered for miles through the still black fields and brown sloughs around my house.  Filling my pockets with rocks, following the dogs noses into the dried out cat tails from last year and bringing home treasures left by mother nature.  We happened across a nest of duck eggs that had been decimated by what I suppose was the raccoon we found sequestered across the road in another nest of cat tails.  While I was busy picking up the empty shells the coon left behind to add to my curiosity shelf of inspiration in my work studio Oliver stuck his nose in yet another pile of scrub only to be growled at.  So me, being my curious self, stuck my face down there to see exactly what was so angry at my pup, expecting a cat hunting for ducks only to be growled at by a rather pudgy raccoon holed up in the dried out grass and cat tails.  Luckily the striped tail gave the animal away before I had gotten down on my hands and knees to investigate.  Lesson I took home?  Mother nature is brutal and fierce!  Have you had any wild life encounters of the up close and personal nature lately?  Tell me about them!

Mother nature may be fierce, but she is also mystical and giving as of late in the inspiration department.  These are pieces I finished over the weekend.  I’m a bit in love with the gnarly bits of the deer teeth.  I have more and I’m curious to see what I come up with for settings.  This one was a whim but I like the way it executed.  I think it will be fun to wear with a t shirt or a plaid shirt with cut offs.  I’m into the “feral” look as of late so it will complement my mood nicely.  How about you?  Do you appreciate the wild or do you prefer quiet elegance?  My pieces can be found through my shop by clicking on the right hand side of the page on the Georgie B. Studios tab.

As the work week starts for me today I’ve got a to do list to be checking off with items pertaining to my daughter’s graduation, garden planting, dog grooming and trip planning. on top of my normal work week. I’m hoping I can take a minute to look back at my aimless Monday and take strength from all that mother nature has to offer if even only for a few minutes at the end of the day when the wind dies down and I can sneak off either alone or with my dad to our shooting range out back.  Sunsets over silhouette targets are my favorite way to end the day.  Ollie and Izze at my feet, and dad by my side, spending a few minutes watching nature do her thing and taking out stress on tiny metallic farm animals.


Enjoy your week!



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