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Spring on the prairie has finally sprung!


Spring time at our house means tree planting time.  My dad considers himself to be the original Johnny Appleseed.  He orders 150 new trees every year and they some how all find homes between my house and his.

My daughter graduates in a few weeks so we’ve been walking down memory lane and the photo above brought a huge smile to my face.  Look at the fun she was having!  Another notable point in that picture is the lack of trees in the background.  This was taken in 2002.  My house is now surrounded with miles and miles of trees. It amazes me how much the landscape has changed throughout my daughter’s childhood.

img_5093Spring also means the chickens are finally laying eggs!  It pains me greatly to buy flats of eggs at the store when I’m feeding 18 hens through out the winter.  Spring also means garden planting time and exercising patience while all the perennial plants take their sweet time poking through the soil.  I’m talking to you asparagus and garlic!!


Do you plant a garden?  What kind of veggies do you plant?  Do you plant flowers also?  Do you enjoy container gardening or throw the seed directly  in the dirt?  Regardless of the method of your gardening let’s be honest.  The best part of a day toiling in the hot sun, getting your hands, ears and feet dirty is beer o’clock.  Am I right?

My Saturday morning addiction to PBS Cooking Shows introduced me to Avery Brewing Co’s Liliko’i Kepelo, a passion fruit beer perfect for summer sipping.  I may have taken my affection for that cool beer a little far as you can see from my craft project above.

Springtime also brings inspiration.  I’ve gotten my hands dirty in the studio and have re-opened my etsy shop.  You can find my wares via the Georgie B. Studios tab on the right.

My sunshine filled days haven’t been all toil.  Oliver is beside himself with the amount of time I’m spending out of doors.  His tennis ball is getting quite the workout! I’ve lost my coffee cup countless times as I wander around on my morning walk about the yard thanks to his demands.  I find that cup in the weirdest places too!


Until next week I’ll be enjoying the sunshine, I hope you are too!




4 thoughts on “Spring on the prairie has finally sprung!

  1. Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Of course, I had to pop right over as soon as I saw the little pic of a dog next to your name! I’m like a four year old when it comes to dogs..”dog? dog? Where? I wanna see the puppy!!”

    You have a lovely and charming blog! And a lovely Golden.



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