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Habits Lost.

img_5037April is my birthday month.  It also happens to be the month my employer insists I use my vacation time or lose it.  Therefore April has become my month of debauchery.  Laugh, yes.  My idea of debauchery is doing what I want to do when I want to do it and not doing what I don’t want to do when I don’t want to do it.  Therefore all habits that I have carefully curated throughout the year have pretty much fallen by the wayside with the exception of my morning cup of coffee. Do you have any hard fast habits that keep you sane throughout the year?

The weather was uncooperative with my grand birthday month plans of doing some solo camping therefore I spent most of the month reading, watching movies, thinking, and wandering aimlessly with my best friends.  All activities that are restorative to an img_5038introverts soul.   This last week the weather finally decided to cooperate and I was able to move my “studio” outside and creativity finally flowed albeit for a short amount of time.  Tomorrow I return to reality, with some plans in mind for future projects on paper and given proper planning. What would you do with a month off? Travel? Create? Loaf?

Spring brings with it dormant outdoor responsibilities in the garden, general maintenance and grandiose visions of new projects that sometimes come to fruition and sometimes fade with the summer sun.  I got my first farmer’s tan of the season yesterday.  Spending a rare day with my better half we managed to clean out the grape arbor, asparagus and rhubarb beds and general doggie clean up around the yard.  Green shoots are poking out all over the yard.  Next weekend if the weather stays I plan to plant some cool weather crops as I continue my vigil for garlic shoots to appear from the black soil. Do you garden?  Do you live in a climate where you are lucky enough to garden year round or like me do you look forward to the waning snow so you can get your hands dirty in the loamy soil?

My quasi creative studio had been strewn across my walk in closet for the past eight months much to my husbands dismay.  I finally created order out of mayhem and moved the mess outside to an out building.  I was looking forward to some metalsmith projects to try out my new Smith Little Torch, however my dad had borrowed the torch one week and I have yet to see its return.  Therefore, I set up my electroforming kit and have had great fun gleefully dropping my random creations in the blue juice to see if they turn into objects de arte.  How do you express your creative side?  Do you paint? Draw? Crochet? I don’t consider myself crafty so I’m always amazed when whatever projects pops into my head finds its way to a finished state on my bench.


The majority of my time the past month was spent hiking with Izzie and Ollie.  We’ve covered native ground as well as a few places foreign to us.  We’ve seen baby moose, deer, coyotes and tons of bunnies and raccoons. We’ve picked up bones, feathers and more rocks than I care to count.  Living in Montana as a child I never came home with empty pockets as agates were everywhere and I figured they all needed a new home.  As an adult, now living in North Dakota, I had forgotten about the joy of sparkly rocks and minerals until my dad bought me a new tumbler for my birthday.  The tumbler was meant for my metal projects and is being used for those projects but it reminded me of the old lortone img_5042tumbler cast off in the barn.  So I went in search two weeks ago and nursed the forgotten machine back to health.  We are on week two of a four to five week polish of the first drum of rocks I’ve tumbled since I was probably 12!  I have great visions of what some of those rocks may turn into in my studio later this summer. What hobbies did you have as a child?  Do you still practice them?

After a month of unscripted wandering I return to the land of responsibility tomorrow.  I have several items on my to do list that need attention and checking off so I anticipate a busy, habit filled month.  While I have embraced the vagabond lifestyle I have led the last month I look forward to the comfort of ritual, habit and responsibility giving me direction.  In the meantime I will enjoy the last bottle of dry pear wine I scored from my favorite local wine maker whom I sell fruit to from time to time


Cheers, George



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