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Chickens in the Bathroom


img_4952So you’d think since we passed the equinox we’d be enjoying spring like activities or at least see spring on the horizon, Right?  Not here in north central North Dakota.  Winter basically slapped us in the face with a “not so fast buster!” this past week.

Silly me, I had been spring – timistic and purchased a half dozen chicks to replace the chickens I had lost to a rather pernicious mink this winter.  So when we were hit with another blast of snow this past week I brought the babies into the house and set up a brooder in my bathroom.  This is where you can see my husband rolling his eyes…..

Granted these guys won’t be staying long, but while they are here they sure have become our foremost source of entertainment.  I kid you not, I had standing room only conditions yesterday as I hosted Easter dinner.  I had to holler twice that dinner was ready.

Hopefully by next Easter we will be enjoying eggs from this side show!


Patiently waiting for spring to officially arrive – while chick watching from the comforts of my own bathroom…..




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