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Sunday Sunshine

img_4834Sundays are my favorite day to get out and replenish the vitamin D by soaking up the sun. Living in the great white north, vitamin D plays a large role in the status of my mental health, immune support and energy levels.  It wasn’t until I was in my late thirties that I made a conscious effort to enjoy the out doors – regardless of the temps.  As long as the wind isn’t blowing 100 mph you will find me enjoying hikes, walks, runs, snow shoe forays and xc ski jaunts in a five mile radius around my home.  Most often accompanied by one or two golden retrievers.  The old guy, Izze is starting to enjoy the comforts of the front porch more often, which saddens me but we try to accommodate him by taking a short route, circling back around the house for one of Ollie’s tennis balls and then allowing Izze to rest while Ollie and I finish our step goals in another direction.

North Dakota enjoyed a snow fall last week, one that was gladly endured as we need the moisture badly.  Compared to last winter this winter has been largely deficit in the white stuff. The dogs and I took advantage of the sunshine and the snow and spent the afternoon xc skiing.  I found out how out of shape I am!  We managed a couple miles on skis with no groomed trail and had to revert to walking shoes but we scored an epic calorie burn regardless.  I’m thinking perhaps I may tote my skis to town this week and try one of the groomed trails while taking advantage of the extra hour of day light in the evenings after work.  I’ve never skied a groomed trail and assume it would probably make the sport way more effortless!

Do you enjoy the outdoors?  Do you brave the elements?  What types of activities do you enjoy outside?

Entering the second week of March I am still on track to meet my 310,0000 step goal for the month.  I need to start working on adding in strength training and make strides in working on a calorie burn goal.  Small steps.  By summer I’ll be all in.

How about you?  Do you have fitness goals?  What are you doing to meet them?

The sun is shining today – though the temps aren’t quite as nice.  I think the boys and I will attempt that xc ski thing again!

Enjoy the Sunshine!



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