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Scattered thoughts. Searching for motivation and creativity.


As winter grinds on motivation is more elusive.  Tons of ideas swirling in my brain but few come to fruition, losing footing to yet another Netflix or Kindle binge while swaddled in blankets and surrounded by coffee and tea cups.

When you find yourself in a mental block what do you do to break free and set your feet back on the path of accomplishment?

Where do you find inspiration?  Nature? Books?  Movies?  Pinterest?

Sometimes just “doing” is enough to feel accomplished.  These Swarovski projects are perfect for finding your way out of a funk.  Bringing sparkle to a dreary winter landscape, they brightened up my day and were simple to make.  These empty cup chains can be found all over the net. However I found the best deals on Etsy.  I highly suggest supporting  a small business.  Shipping was more reasonable too in comparison to the big companies that import from over seas.  I have a ton of ideas for future projects but need to wait for warmer weather in order to break out my torch as I lack a heated work space suitable for noxious fumes.

And sometimes food is the answer.  When I’m in a slump, a kitchen project is almost always guaranteed to break me free of frumpville.  This week I found a great deal on a pork butt and had great vision of basking in the adoration of my family while we feasted on smokey, porkey goodness.  In reality, an o-ring on my smoker was shot, I waited to put the roast in the oven until after noon and had issues getting a fire started on the Weber grill that I was improvising for adding that perfect smoke ring.  When I went to finally start the fire I realized the grill was frozen to the ground and the chimney I normally use to start my coals was also imbedded in a thick layer of ice.  By the time I fought with both items in the biting wind, and cold I was woefully late in putting the roasted pork butt on the grill.  As a result, I rushed the roasting so it wasn’t completely fall off the bone tender and my smoke was only evident on the top 1/2 of the roast.

While the roast was tasty (I had brined and roasted it in a hoarded bottle of leftover fermented pickle brine), it wasn’t the shrine of porkey, smokey goodness I had 20180224_210540103_iOSanticipated.  On the other hand, I have enough leftover roast for tacos, ramen, ragu and smothered hot pork sandwiches for the rest of the week.    Roasting large hunks of meat on a weekend is my secret weapon in the war on good eats for the rest of the week.

Do you meal prep on the weekends?  Meal prepping helps us stay on budget and ensures a healthy diet.  We always have a protein on hand to add to fresh roasted veggies, a salad or a quick sandwich.  Healthy, whole, unprocessed food is the backbone of our diet.

Healthy diets have room for treats too.  My teen requested baklava this week.  Have you made baklava?  It looks impressive but really is a simple dish to prepare.  A little on the expensive side as it uses specialty products and nuts which are always expensive.  But it is a rich dish and keeps for well over two weeks, getting better as it sits.

Baklava after my teen found it.

I admit, baklava is one of the few places I cheat and use a processed ingredient.  I have great intentions of one day making my own phyllo dough, but I lack patience. Those sheets of dough are so fine, finer than any pasta I’ve made by hand.  Making phyllo dough would be a great way to stretch your creative thoughts, and I suspect rather meditative also.  I have a great tutorial from The Spruce saved for a future winter snow day.  If you try it, let me know how it works out for you!

This week my mind turns to impending spring.  By conjuring fresh, spring intentions I hope to will warmer weather to appear and bring with it my motivation and creativity.  My intentions are to focus on finding my fitness footing.  Using my garmin to set calorie and step goals.  Physical movement is proven to improve mood causing a chain reaction and opening the creative mind.

First step in fulfilling those step goals is a long walk with Oliver as the sunshine makes a welcome appearance, warming the temps to a balmy 28f.  Followed by a cuddle with Cecil.




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