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Rambling into 2019.

img_1074Have you thought about 2019 yet?  Is it just another day, another month, another year?  It may be cliché but I always take time at the end of the year to analyze what went right and what went wrong in the previous 12 months and make a game plan for the coming year.
I have changes coming.  At some point I’ll be working from home.  No more braving icy roads at 5am.  No more eye ball rolling when my co workers spend the first hour of their day gossiping in one office door way or another.  No more daily interaction with co workers, annoying or not.

Also, my husband lost his dad on Christmas Eve.  Its been a long, trying week as we sorted out arrangements, dealt with family and adjusted our holiday plans.  In the new year I know there will be changes to our routine as we incorporate more time with his mother and help her adjust to her new world.


In accessing where I am and where I want to be I know I need to make changes to my attitude (be more positive), my diet (reign in the impulse foods), my movement (30 day yoga here we come) and my goals in general (journal and write those suckers down).


So… twelve goals for twelve months seems to be my inner theme this year. Here goes…

  1.  Meditate on a positive thought each day.
  2. 10,000 steps
  3. Calorie goals – be mindful of and try to keep below calories expended.
  4. Yoga – 30 day program (Dedicate  – Yoga with Adriene)
  5. Read a book daily.  Minimize web time.
  6. No spend January.
  7. Shop the pantry and freezer before grocery trips.
  8. Spend time outside daily – preferably with the dogs.
  9. Be creative.
  10. Buy no clothes for one year (With the exception of one or two t shirts come summer time.)
  11. Channel a minimalism mindset. Put all non necessary purchases on a two week wait list and reassess before hitting the buy now button.
  12. Say yes to every opportunity to spend time with my dad.

Hard Goals to accomplish in 2019

  1.  Take a road trip with Lucy.
  2. Pay off my 2018 purchased car.
  3. Find hubby new wheels.
  4. Build up an inventory and hit a few craft shows this fall/winter with my organic inspired jewelry line.
  5. Attend WOW’s fur bearer seminar and learn how to care for hides/tan the deer hides I saved in the freezer from 2018.
  6. Camp and Hike the Maah Daah Hey trail solo.
  7. Four wheeler purchase for ice fishing on Lake Darling 2019
  8. Make a table cloth from chicken feed sacks.
  9. Copper dip stemless wine glasses with juniper accents.
  10. License plate jewelry (PJ – Peace Heart with Tiffany Soft Solder)
  11. Master Cruffins
  12. Hair pines with pine cones and feathers.

Tell me what your 2019 plans are.  I’m curious to see how many of you set goals, make resolutions or just analyze each year.

Cheers to the New Year!