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Because I got high………



My apologies for the title.  Afroman has been running through my head since I left the vet this morning.

Ollie here, is an anxious dude.  He abhors car rides.  It took me fifteen minutes of cajoling and tennis ball ruse’s to get him in the back of the car for the ride.  By the time we actually got to the vet he was a dithering mess of anxiety.  I had to sit on the floor with him, throw his tennis ball up in the air five hundred times and rub his belly while waiting for his blood tests to come back thirty minutes later.

We were visiting the vet due to Oliver’s tendency towards epilepsy – common in golden retriever’s.  This ailment came to our attention this past July when we discovered Ollie in the midst of a seizure late one night.  He’s had several since, each one progressing worse and worse.  The vet prescribed phenobarbital.  I was very hesitant in administering as I’m one of those people that questions any chemical I put in my body, oh lets be frank, I question anyone I pay to tell me what I should be putting in my body also.

Back to Afroman and “Because I Got High”… my vet is a reasonable person.  She listens to my fears with each animal and her motto is “quality of life over quantity of life”.  I get that thought and I embrace it pretty fully.  We have the power to make sure our pets live long lovely lives and the responsibility to make sure that life is as full as possible.  After lengthy discussion we wound our way around to nature remedies for epilepsy, in short cannabis.

Have you ever seen that ad for Bush’s Baked Beans? The one with the dog with the goatee and glasses?  Now picture Duke smoking a joint….that’s the picture I’ve had in my head for the past three hours.

Laughable?  Maybe.  But I did go online once I got home and read a handful of articles on pros and cons of hemp, cbd oil and cannabis.  And since North Dakota is slow on getting their shit together on the whole medical marijuana I don’t think Ollie here will be smoking pot anytime soon.  But I’m leaning towards CBD oil.  If it can cut down on those seizures and possible give my arthritic Izze a new lease on life I’m all for it.

In the meantime, we’ll get our snack on without the extra push from Mary Jane.