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Scroll Free September


I’ve been doing a lot of introspecting as of late – which is normal for me this time of year.  I’ve spent the summer practicing my best bohemian attitudes and once the weather cools its a sure sign I need to hunker down, re-evaluate and sometimes realign my path with my goals.

I am making a lot of personal changes for the month of September.  First and foremost I’m jumping on the Scroll Free September Social Media Hiatus.  While I love social media, as it provides a ton of inspiration for me, I also realize sometimes I waste too much time searching for inspiration and not actually using that inspiration.  I’ve done social media hiatuses previously and I always come back refreshed and more appreciative of the power of social media in my life.

I’m also doing Sober September.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, every addict thinks they have things under control, me included, but when I reviewed my MyFitnessPal account AND my bank account as of late I noticed a correlation between the amount of money I spend on booze, the amount of calories I spend on booze and the number of pounds that seem to creep up and never really go back down.  I’ve also come to a realization that my choices haven’t been all that healthy recently and I’m hoping this decision helps reverse that narrative. This one may be tough for me.  I will straight out admit my love affair with gin.  The taste, the smell, the ritual.  Pray for me.

So on to the positives for the month of September.

I’m once again stepping outside my comfort zone and forcing myself to be more social in September.  I have plans to join about thirty ladies for a hike along the Maah Daah Hey Trail in southern North Dakota the first weekend of September.  Provided I survive that, I have thrown myself into joining even more ladies for a weekend at Lake Metigoshe State Park where I will proceed to learn to Fly Fish and Fish, two things I’ve never really had the opportunity to do, other than ice fishing and even then I’m just along to spend time with my spouse.  I know this will be uncomfortable for me one, the social interaction, two social interaction with all females (I have a tough time relating) and three learning something that doesn’t come natural to me.  I am an intuitive person and fishing has never sparked that intuition.  I’ll be a fish out of water so to speak!

I’m planning on attending a Pink Floyd tribute with my daughter later in the month and have flirted with seeing the Beach Boys at the Norsk Hostfest – alone.  All of that social interaction should exhaust me and I may need the month of October to recover.

So while I’m working on my personality, I also plan on nourishing my body.  I have plans to up my step game back to at least 10,000 steps a day.  I’ve slacked on this goal most of the summer.  I sometimes have days of 24,000, but sadly I’ve noticed more and more 5,000 step days creeping in.  I also have plans to revisit my kettlebells and incorporate daily squats once again.

I contemplated attempting a keto diet, but I just don’t think I can commit to dropping carbs that low.  One, I need the stamina for my other goals, two, pasta and grains make up a large part of our diet.  My hubby would balk, my bank account would balk, I would be cranky and probably start drinking gin again.  So, along that thought process I decided we will just commit to more veggies, less grains and pasta.  I think we can handle that compromise.

Finally, I intend to read, read, read and create, create, create.  I have a stack of books on my to be read pile, I have a ton of jewelry projects that are in different arrays of progress and I have plans of making apple cider, grinding corn into corn meal and gathering various botanicals to store for winter teas and tinctures.

Tell me in the comments – Do you do regular self care inventories?  Do you regularly schedule time to realign your goals and your path?  Tell me how you accomplish creating a well rounded, healthy life plan.

So that my friends, is my explanation of why you will not see any new blog posts from Mondays with Oliver for the month of September.  If all works out as planned, Oliver will be a very happy golden retriever.

Wish me Luck,